Replacing concrete tiles with slate

by Chris Newson on May 9, 2010

So at some point about 30 years ago, someone decided that putting concrete tiles on a roof that was built for slates was a good plan. I guess the theory was that they would last longer. Unfortunately they didn’t consider the massive weight difference, and therefore Victorian rooves all over the country are gradually spreading under the strain.

We lived in fear of what we might find once the tiles came off… but actually it would seem we got away with it. That is officially a first for us!

So, the rafters are all in pretty good shape but we want to get slate back on there anyway, to help bring our baby back to its former glory.

Welsh, Spanish or Chinese slate seem to be the options, and Hatfield & Co have had some bad experience of Chinese and Spanish slate (lots of breakage as they were put on), so we were gently steared towards Welsh slates, and as luck would have it they were the ones that looked the nicest of the samples we had to choose from – so Welsh it is.

It feels good to go Welsh in any case… as apparently that’s where it all would have come from in the Victorian times, as the great new railways shipped it all East.

We also get a small dose of eco & patriotic warmth that wouldn’t have been quite the same had it been shipped in from China.

I can’t wait to see how it looks in situ 🙂

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