Insulating the roof

by Chris Newson on May 9, 2010

So as our heating bills are somewhere between outrageous and astronomic, and due to the sieve-like quality of our roof we are whipping the tiles off, we thought it might be a good moment to insulate the life out of our roof.

So here’s the formula:

1) 30cm of fibreglass insulation on the floor of the loft
2) Solid Celotex cut between the rafters
3) Triso Super 10 (19 layers of silver foil, reflective film, wadding and other such clever stuff all in 30mm) over the rafters

Then a breathable membrane, battens and slate go over the top.

We’re figuring that it’s best to do even more than modern building regs require, on the basis that we’ll get the money back in heating bills over the next few years. Fingers crossed!

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