Did we actually buy a giant collander? Curse that rain!

by Chris Newson on February 28, 2010

OK – so having just found our third new leak this morning I feel compelled to moan. These old houses are gorgeous but crikey once they have gone to seed just trying to keep the weather out is a nightmare.

Our soon to be en suite bathroom had a small lake on the floor this morning where the bay window roof decided to give up the ghost under the duress of yet another night of constant rain. And of course it’s pouring through the floor and ceiling below – messing up our newly perfected dining room. Damn it.

We also have (lots of ) water running down the wall to the right of our front door (under the porchy bit, so it’s meant to be dry). That’s going to be a scaffolding job just to work out what’s going on.

The third leak is I suppose technically still the second, but hey it’s pouring through the floor and soaking all those boxes we never quite got round to unpacking in the cellar. Nice.

So 8 towels 2 buckets, a saucepan and a box of paper later we have done everything we can until Monday when I’ll be calling our surveyor’s and Project Manager – JJ Hatfield – to try and get the builders round quick smart.

We were warned by everyone that these houses are a constant project and eat money. Everyone was right.

Time for a drink now.

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