Planning Permission……Approved!

by Chris Newson on November 7, 2009

It’s been too long since I blogged but I couldn’t miss this one….our planning permission for the next 2 phases of work….officially Phase 1 and 2 (you may remember Phase Zero was never meant to happen)…has been approved. Happy days.

If you want to know the details, here’s the planning documents and decision.

In short, we’re knocking down the garage, widening the drive, replacing the roof tiles with slate, redoing the dormers, and enlarging the kitchen and opening it up onto the garden…in 2 phases.

8 weeks of waiting, no objections from anyone and 1 small request for a change from the Conservation Officer, and now we’re full steam ahead for Phase 1 building works to start on the 1st February 2009. That’s the theory anyway.

The only change the Conservation Officer wanted related to the wall at the front of the house. We thought the swirly plasterwork circles in between the pillars had been added after the original railings had been removed, but the Conservation Officer reckons they are original.

We’ve had another look up and down the road and there is 1 other house with the same plasterwork, so he could well be right. Anyway it’s a minor change that we’re happy to go along with.

Now for the small matter of getting all the detailed drawings done, building control approval, and a full schedule of works drawn up…not to mention going back out to tender to find a new builder….don’t ask….let’s just say we have still not found builder paradise yet…maybe I’ll explain more one day. For now though suffice is to say that:

1) we won’t be using GT Developments again
2) If I ever ran a building firm I would have my own retained, reliable and competent plumber
3) if you ever think about using Hodges & Marten as plumbing subcontractors then contact me for a reference first

That’s a story for another day though.

I would add though that JJ Hatfield’s project management has been excellent throughout and are as highly recommended now as they were at the start of the job. I am beginning to get the feeling that in the building world this is praise indeed.

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