Victorian Cast Iron Radiators

by Chris Newson on July 25, 2009

Victorian Cast Iron Radiator - The Daisy, The Victorian

Oh Radiator of Beauty, I love you so.

We all remember leaning against chunky old school radiators on a cold day…perching on top of them until you could take the heat no more.

They really are things of great beauty. Why oh why did 150 years of progress end up with horrible white tinny things screwed to the wall?… and radiator covers…no thanks.

There are a lot of beautiful Victorian cast iron original radiators out there in reclamation yards. You need to make sure they have been well reconditioned.

However after a bit of digging we decided to go with newly made Carron cast iron radiators. Carron have been making the same radiators since Victorian times and are still going strong now. They had some great designs, we could choose any finish we liked, and best of all, my Dad could get them at trade prices. Happy days! ☺

Victorian Cast Iron Radiator - Carron, The Victorian

Victorian Cast Iron Radiator - Carron, The Victorian

I’d be lying if I said putting old Victorian cast iron radiators in was a cheap exercise, but they are beautiful and really do make the whole Victorian feel of the house come alive. If you’re working to a budget, then maybe try and squeeze one or two in where you’ll love them most. You won’t regret it!

P.S. For your info, we went for the Antiqued Finish (which is basically a distressed French Grey). It looks lovely on both The Daisy and The Victorian models which we went with. I think it would fit with pretty much any colour scheme.

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Katie August 16, 2010 at 4:42 pm

I agree, they are beautiful. I’ve seen a few of these raditors still around to this day and I hope to include a few in my house in the future. Beautiful pictures too.

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Suzanne August 16, 2011 at 6:19 am

We don’t need to throw out the old cast iron radiators for pressed metal that rusts. If you are lucky enough to buy a house with existing Victorian radiators, all they need is a good flushing through to work with any modern combi boiler.


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