Curtain Poles for Bay Windows

by Chris Newson on July 25, 2009

So after many a soul destroying hour of searching for a simple curtain pole to go in the bay windows in our lounge and dining room, we have finally given up looking.

We do not want fancy finials (another new word we’ve learned – the bits that go right at the end of a curtain pole), or tracks, or any other fancy shenanigans.

We didn’t really mind whether we got wood or metal. Apparently the Victorians used either – obviously metal’s easier for a bay though. They did like them simple as well though apparently.

We knew we needed something with just 3 fixings to the wall. 1 at each end, and 1 in the middle – The only way of getting curtains off the windows and still able to close without using any fancy modern tracks.

Our friends, Pete and Mog recommended The Anvil Iron Works – local Brighton blacksmiths with an artistic bent – who made their rather nice bed for them. We went to see their work at a local Open House and decided to get them on the case.

Hey presto, we’ve got exactly what we wanted. They look great and sound awesome when you open/close them (you didn’t know that the sound of closing curtains could make you happy now did you!)…and they weren’t any more expensive than a lot of the hideous modern options either. Result. Good find Mog! 🙂

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